Quantum Entropy-as-a-Service

netRandom Free is a cloud service delivering true quantum entropy on-demand to servers, IoT devices, VMs, mobile – anything that needs access to true random numbers. Streamed entropy is provided directly to the operating system and combined with your existing entropy sources to improve security critical operations such as cryptographic key generation.

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Why are Random Numbers Vital?

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Crypto security assumptions rely on keys being truly random, when patterns or bias emerge keys get more predictable

Random numbers are the building blocks of security. Cryptography is widely used to establish trust and protect sensitive data and anything less than perfect randomness introduces risk. The effectiveness of tools such as encryption depends on generating keys that are impossible to predict.

But true randomness is hard to generate and even harder to validate. It’s essential to take precautions to ensure an adequate supply of entropy for random number generators and operating systems. Modern virtualized environments and low power IoT devices have limited access to local entropy and netRandom entropy-as-a-service provides a high assurance supplementary supply.

Do you know for sure how random your systems really are? netRandom helps you deal with the threat of entropy starvation across your servers, VMs and devices to create the consistency and confidence that your security infrastructure demands.

What Makes netRandom Truly Random?

Quantum mechanics provides the only true source of randomness. Through our development partnership with Los Alamos National Lab, Whitewood has created an award winning quantum-powered, high-speed entropy source. We securely deliver that entropy over the network to supplement your existing entropy sources and strengthen your existing Windows and Linux-based random number generators.

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Deploy. Stream. Manage.

Deploying netRandom doesn't require any changes to your current applications or OS and does more than just provide quantum-powered entropy. netRandom's reporting dashboard empowers you to track the volume and quality of the netRandom entropy you use to generate true random numbers.

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3 Easy Steps to Deploy netRandom

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About Us

netRandom Free is brought to you by Whitewood, an award-winning developer of quantum random number generators and entropy management systems. In addition to the netRandom free service for entropy delivery, customers have the option to deploy the netRandom Enterprise version, an on-premise solution incorporating dedicated entropy servers, access to client and server APIs and fine-grained delivery and management capabilities.